At Alibu Resort, we care about your every meal. Each meal is chosen with the diners' preferences in mind. The Sea restaurant serves all day with a diverse menu next to the open kitchen Opal Pool Bar serving grilled dishes, and homemade Pizza. At the bar overlooking the infinity pool, you can enjoy a cold beer unique to Alibu and relax to the melodious music.

The Sea Restaurant

The Sea restaurant serves Asian - Western delicacies to bring satisfaction to diners. Processed foods must ensure uniqueness and freshness, starting with the raw material selection stage. Above all, the culinary deliciousness must also include the perfect fusion of processing and enticing display for diners. The Sea Restaurant's cuisine not only stops at "Eat to your heart's content" but also seeks to be more than that. It is the dishes' elegance and sophistication, as well as the finest ingredient.

  • Opening hours: 7 am - 10 pm

  • Seating capacity: 180 people for indoor & outdoor

Opal Pool Bar

With views overlooking the panorama pool, blue sea and open kitchen design, where you can order and watch the chef prepare delicious grilled dished, Pizza and even cocktails.

  • Operation hours: 8 am – 10 pm

  • Seating capacity: 100 people

The Cave - Wine Cellar

Very intimate, almost hidden, Wine Cellar - The Cave is designed in a classic European style. A selection of premium wines, Cigars and exquisite cocktails make visitors admire when visiting here.

  • Operation hours: 11:00 am – 00:00 pm

  • Seating capacity: 50 people

Coffee Shop

The greatest spot to unwind, it serves good coffee and has a wide range of drinks you need. Equipped with tables and chairs are all-natural wooden furniture right in front of the beautiful paradise of Nha Trang Bay.

  • Operation hours: 8 am – 7 pm

  • Seating capacity: 60 people

Alibu Brewery

Alibu Brewery is located immediately next to The Sea restaurant. A Russian Brewmaster with many years of experience crafts drafts beer with exquisite tastes that tingle all the senses.

The party is more enjoyable when the senses are awakened. It is no coincidence that people often drink beer at meetings with family and friends. Cool beer glasses can help individual bond more. Beer is an excellent catalyst for the party to sublimate with emotions. Choosing good beer for the party is even more fun.


Other Service

  • Theme Night Dinners every night by the Beach

  • Vietnamese Cooking Classes (Chargeable)

  • Private & Romantic Dinning

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